I Break Horses Announce First New Album in Six Years, Release Video for First Single “Death Engine”

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I Break Horses Announce First New Album in Six Years, Release Video for First Single “Death Engine”

Swedish indie dream-pop group I Break Horses have announced the arrival of their first album in six years, Warnings, which will be released on May 8 through Bella Union. The band also shares the cinematically lush self-made music video for their single “Death Engine” from the forthcoming album.

The band’s last endeavor was 2014’s Chiaroscuro, their sophomore album after their 2011 debut Hearts. Both albums were regarded as successful melds of shoegaze-y layered sounds and the soft, ethereal vocals of dream-pop. The band doesn’t stray far from this aesthetic on Warnings, but there is also an aura of despair and uncertainty that is unique to the project.

“It’s not a political album,” says singer/songwriter Maria Lindén in a statement. “Though it relates to the alarmist times we live in. Each song is a subtle warning of something not being quite right.”

With the single “Death Engine,” Lindén makes it clear that these alarmist times are almost too tangible. The song chronicles the skyrocketing rate of depression, anxiety and oppressive unhappiness among young people—many feeling too discontent to want to continue living.

“The song, which was written in connection to a close friend’s suicide attempt, also reflects upon the increasing reports that suicide is the second leading cause of death among Generation Z, with this age group having more mental health issues than any other generation,” says Lindén.

The music video for “Death Engine” channels this melancholy sentiment and dissects it with a cinematic language—bright red permeates the screen, with overlaid visuals of grave markers, suburban streets and outstretched hands.

Much of the inspiration for Warnings came from cinema, as Lindén began her songwriting process while watching films with the sound off, attempting to compose her own score for the visuals onscreen. Only after she began thinking of accompanying lyrics did she understand that the album was officially underway.

You can preorder Warnings here, and check out the music video for “Death Engine” below, as well as a 2014 I Break Horses session from the Paste archives, and the Warnings tracklist and album art.

Warnings Album Art:


Warnings Tracklist:
01. Turn
02. Silence
03. l a r m
04. I’ll Be The Death of You
05. d e n l i l l a p å s e a v l y c k a
06. The Prophet
07. Neon Lights
08. I Live at Night
09. Baby You Have Travelled For Miles Without Love in Your Eyes
10. Death Engine
11. a b s o l u t a m o l l p u n k t e n
12. Depression Tourist

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