Watch Joan as Police Woman Perform Live at Paste Studio

Joan Wasser's sixth album, Damned Devotion, comes out Feb. 9.

Music Video Joan As Police Woman
Watch Joan as Police Woman Perform Live at Paste Studio

After starting out as go-to instrumentalist for chamber-pop luminaries like Antony Hegarty and Rufus Wainwright, Joan Wasser, aka Joan as Police Woman, blazed her own trail as one of the 21st century’s most alluring soul-pop performers. Over the years she has weaved in and out of Americana lanes, veering into bubblegum pop or electro knob-twiddling or Afrobeat excursions through the years. Her last record, 2016’s Let It Be You, paired her with Brooklyn musician Benjamin Lazar for a set of accessible melodies and harmonies set to skronky beats and synths, like a mellower Tune-Yards. Joan as Police Woman has always mixed tempos and moods on her albums, but for her new album, Damned Devotion, Wasser has stripped her songs further back, using a subtler sonic palette to give her words and her quavering alto a firmer impact. On single “Warning Bell,” a mournful synth in the verse gives way to a chorus of ringing piano as Wasser sings about being a romantic and learning her lessons the hard way. “I can comfortably say that music has saved my life and continues to save my life,” she says. “I am a devotee. It’s not something I can even choose or not choose, it’s just what is.” Damned Devotion comes out Feb. 9 on Play It Again Sam.

Watch Joan as Police Woman perform LIVE at Paste on Monday at 12:30 p.m.!

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