Is Kanye West Already Making Changes to Jesus Is King?

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Is Kanye West Already Making Changes to Jesus Is King?

The man who famously once said “Ima fix wolves” is at it again, it would appear: A Reddit post details Kanye West’s supposed updates to his just-released album Jesus Is King on streaming services, including, hilariously, the note that “Pusha T’s verse is now on beat” in “Use This Gospel.”

Paste has reached out to a rep for West to confirm the authenticity of these tweaks, and will update this post with any response we receive. The (since-removed) Reddit post in question cites no source except an unspecified report, but commenters—in addition to suggesting additional edits to the critically shrugged-off album—have seized on “an update to ‘God Is’ […] The way Kanye says ‘this is my eternal soul’” as evidence of the update’s legitimacy. You can judge for yourself right here … or you could just check with the album’s biggest fan.

Paste’s review of Jesus Is King calls West’s ninth LP “the worst release of his career,” with Steven Edelstone concluding that it’s “nothing short of a spectacular failure.” And West had to rush to get the album out within even 12 hours of its intended release time, “fixing mixes” right up to—and through—the midnight deadline. So at least if West is going to fiddle with his latest a la The Life of Pablo and ye, there’s just about nowhere for him to go but up.

The irony at the heart of all this? It’s clearly Kanye West who’s king, since we continue to care even when he’s so clearly lost his way as an artist.

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