Watch La Femme’s New Video for “Ou va le monde” from Forthcoming LP

Music Video La Femme
Watch La Femme’s New Video for “Ou va le monde” from Forthcoming LP

Parisian rock band La Femme released their music video for their single “Ou va le monde” today. The laid-back song is paired with a video, directed by the band, that shows the band going to a dinner party and wandering around the streets of Paris. The video is styled like a low-budget indie film with fading transitions between scenes and home movie-style clips of the band doing mundane things such as cooking dinner and reading.

“Ou va le monde” is part of La Femme’s forthcoming second album, out Sept. 2 via Disque Pointu. In addition to releasing the album, the band will be touring in the United States.

The song asks listeners “Ou va le monde,” or, “Where is the way of our world?” The song exudes a vintage feel that disguises its surprisingly darker undertones — the lyrics ask “Pourquoi les gens se mentent? Pourquoi les gens se trompent?” (Why do people lie? Why do people cheat?) and answers, “Il y a des questions ou je sais que je ne trouverai jamais la réponse / Il y a des choses auxquelles on ne peut rien faire” (There are questions that I know I’ll never find the answer to / There are questions we can do nothing about).

“It is not about the matrix system, neither about the climate warming nor a song about the migrants crisis,” said La Femme in a press release. The statement continues:

“Ou Va Le Monde” is still a song about human beings, about life, about love. Because everything is contradictory, and everything is one and only, because now is in the end of the past and the beginning of the future. Future is sounding pretty uncertain. So, Where is the way of our world ?”

Watch the “Ou va le monde” video above, and find La Femme’s tour dates here.

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