Daily Dose: Lenny Zenith, “Trouble”

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Daily Dose: Lenny Zenith, “Trouble”

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Lenny Zenith has been playing music for the better part of his adult life in bands like RZA, Jenifer Convertible and Minor Planets. But his forthcoming album What If The Sun (out on June 22nd via XYYX Records) is the first thing he has released under his own name. Not the boldest of statements, but then again, Lenny mere existence sends a loud message to the world. This transgender artist transitioned in his teen years, a move that presaged the confident steps he would take later on as he moved to New Orleans and New York to put his stamp on the punk and noise rock scenes.

For his latest trick, Zenith is taking stock of his life and career on this new album. Joining him throughout are musicians that he has played with over the past 30 years and the songs look to his past and present while gearing him and the world up for a future where the fight for trans rights still continues. To that end, Zenith is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this album to organizations like Trans Women of Color Collective and Trans Lifeline.

Give a listen to “Trouble” from this wonderful new record and read what Zenith has to say about its creation:

Even in long-term relationships some people fantasize or wonder about what it might be like to ‘wander’, especially if emotional needs aren’t always met. Seemingly solid alliances fall victim to human frailties, insecurities and the powerful pull of attraction or the delights of something new. Sometimes, you just want someone to hold on to you…change your mind and stop you from making a mistake — no matter how rough it gets. Ideally, you want to hold onto your sense of self to maintain what is real and not pursue the idealized “what if.” Looking for trouble can be an exciting adventure, but also occasionally disastrous.

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