Daily Dose: Lindsey Lomis, “Handle With Care”

A lilting ode to daring to give one's heart away from this young future pop talent.

Music Features Lindsey Lomis
Daily Dose: Lindsey Lomis, “Handle With Care”

If you’ve ever had your heart well and truly stomped on by a breakup and found yourself stepping into a new relationship with much trepidation, you’ll know exactly what Lindsey Lomis is singing about in her new single, “Handle With Care.”

The future pop artist lays it out plain right from the jump, giving a run down of the packing materials she’s about to be using to send her tender heart off to the new person in her life, ending an early verse with the key question, “Can you keep it safe?” Her voice takes on a rhythmic flutter similar to Caroline Polachek, but there’s no denying that Lomis has a lot more vulnerability and soul running through this candlelit ballad.

About the song, Lomis says, “I think of myself as a pretty tough person, or at least I present myself as one. when it comes to relationships that isn’t always a great trait. Letting someone in on who I really am and allowing myself to love someone is a terrifying concept to me. but I want to trust someone with my heart. I want to give them my all even though there’s a big risk of getting hurt. All I can do is hope that they handle me with care.”

Amen, sister.

Lomis at least keeps a bit of a sense of humor about it all, as evidenced by the charming music video that finds her sporting a blood-stained shirt and doing her best to package up that vital organ before her neighborhood postal worker shows up at the door. From there, the parcel goes on a journey with plenty of unexpected stops along the way.

This new single is the latest big step ahead for this young talent who has been plenty busy since her first single dropped way back in 2017. In addition to her growing skills as a songwriter, Lomis has been amplified by the likes of Alessia Cara and Bruno Major while putting the work in to release a mess of fresh material over the past few years. This track, her latest and possibly greatest, sets the stage nicely for what will hopefully be a prosperous 2024 for this wonderful artist.

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