Daily Dose: Midway In Wake, “Your Majesty”

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Daily Dose: Midway In Wake, “Your Majesty”

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Greg Reynaud is a long way from his childhood home in El Paso, Texas. These days, he’s living in South Korea, where he moved to flip the page on his life following the breakup of his band. That may seem extreme, but it clearly has done wonders for his clarity of mind and his creative spirit if the music he has released under the name Midway In Wake is any indication.

The project builds of a foundation of drum loops and electronic melodies, which leave him ample room to explore far-flung lyrical ideas. On his current album Heirs to the Storm, for example, Reynaud imagines an all too possible catastrophic event, exploring it from a number of different perspectives. It’s a moody, beautiful and strangely hopeful piece of work, which this lyric video for the album’s opening track should make very clear.

For more information the album and Midway In Wake, visit Reynaud’s label Lowatt Recordings.

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