Milly Share Video for New Single “Star Thistle Blossom”

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Milly Share Video for New Single “Star Thistle Blossom”

L.A. outfit Milly shared a new single “Star Thistle Blossom,” which follows their 2019 debut EP and cassette Our First Four Songs. The band’s EP was featured in Paste’s list of best EPs from that year. Last year, the band signed to Dangerbird Records and opened for Swervedriver on their U.S. tour. This new single is the first taste of their forthcoming EP Wish Goes On, scheduled for release next year.

“Star Thistle Blossom” is the most straight-forward rock song they’ve released so far, as their previous tracks skewed more lo-fi. But their delectable wash of grunge-tinted shoegaze guitars remains. “Hope knows that I’ve lost it all alone / I hope that you know that this will not be long / When Autumn’s sun comes crashing down / I’ll be here waiting on,” frontman Brendan Dyer yearns over thick guitar distortion.

Dyer says of the new single:

I wrote it back in 2017 while I was working at Whole Foods. I was stocking honey on the shelf and was intrigued by Star Thistle Blossom honey. There’s a lot of health super powers in honey and I liked the theme of tying in being healthy with feeling strong mentally. The chorus is an acknowledgment to understanding loss but having hope in something and that it always gets better. Even if that’s not true it still feels helpful.

Listen to “Star Thistle Blossom” below, and scroll down to watch Milly’s 2019 Paste Studio session.

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