“Oldchella,” aka Desert Trip, Just Added a Second Weekend

Music News
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The Oldchella news never truly ends; it just gets older and more decrepit. In the latest: “Due to overwhelming demand,” a second weekend has been added to the festival, actually named Desert Trip despite the internet’s insistence otherwise. In addition to the first series of performance on Oct. 7-9, a second run-through will take place Oct. 14-16 to let the festival sell a whole lot more tickets.

Oldchella, if you’ve been living under a rock, is a meeting of some of the biggest and most senior legends in rock still performing today: The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Who, Roger Waters, Neil Young and Paul McCartney. An amazing six artists to see in one place for certain. Average age of all members? A robust 71.7.

As we previously reported, ticket prices are off the charts. A single day of general admission goes for $199. Three day general admission will cost $399, with the price rising significantly if you want to reserve a place to stand or sit—reserved floor spots start at $699 and reserved grandstand seats start at a cool $999. If you want to be in the standing pit (which sounds fairly menacing but is probably just the space right in front of the stage), that’ll be a mere $1,599.

Of course, the second weekend begs the question—for standing pit both weekends, is the new price $3,198? Or is there a slight volume discount to be had?

Snark aside, tickets are on sale now.