Ron Gallo Rides Again in Video for New Single “Do You Love Your Company?”

The video is a companion piece to his "Always Elsewhere" clip

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Ron Gallo Rides Again in Video for New Single “Do You Love Your Company?”

Ron Gallo has shared another single from Stardust Birthday Party, out Oct. 5 via New West, along with an accompanying video. “Do You Love Your Company?” is the third single from the album.

The “Do You Love Your Company?” video acts as a companion piece to Gallo’s previous video for “Always Elsewhere.” In that video, Gallo walks around with a box titled “SELF” and at the end he crawls inside, which is where “Do You Love Your Company?” picks up.

The video features a close-up of Gallo’s face in what looks to be a cross between a police interrogation and the cover of Queen’s second album. He’s accosted by a grainy television playing footage of himself in a blank white expanse. In some ways, it’s a literal self-interrogation. “When you live with yourself, when you stick with yourself, do you love your company?” Gallo asks Gallo.

”’Do You Love Your Company?’ is a song about self-inquiry,” Gallo says. “I think a lot of people struggle with being truly alone or fear silence because it forces them to look inward, but ultimately I think it’s one of the most important things we can do to understand ourselves and others.”

Watch the video for “Do You Love Your Company?” below, plus Gallo’s 2017 Paste Studio session.

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