Shelley Is “Cooking with Grease” in New Video

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Shelley Is “Cooking with Grease” in New Video

Shelley—the artist formerly known as DRAM, of “Broccoli” fame—released a video Friday for his new song “Cooking with Grease.” The single came alongside the announcement that the artist’s new self-titled album, Shelley FKA DRAM, will arrive April 16.

The video for “Cooking with Grease” continues with the concept of Shelley’s faux late-night show, The Shelley Show. Fans initially saw a glimpse of this with his previous single “Exposure.” At the video’s start, Shelley plays the role of the host behind the desk before announcing himself and calling the new single “my personal favorite.” He then performs on the stage that he interviewed himself on earlier this month, asking some hard-hitting questions.

To promote his new single, Shelley has spent the week literally cooking with grease on his YouTube channel. The artist has uploaded two episodes of a “Cooking with Grease” show, closing each with the same outro:

When it comes to grease, I’ll be cooking with it. So, whenever you’re ready to be entertained and learn a little bit of game or how to cook just the same, stick with me: Chef Shelley!

Watch the music video for “Cooking with Grease” (dir. Christian Sutton) below. Keep scrolling to let this man teach you how to make lasagna roll-ups.

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