Watch Sloan Peterson’s Black-and-White “Rats” Video

Music Video Sloan Peterson
Watch Sloan Peterson’s Black-and-White “Rats” Video

Sloan Peterson—real name Joe Jackson—is an Australian singer-songwriter with a penchant for rock ‘n’ roll. Today, she debuted the video for “Rats,” the second single from her forthcoming debut EP, Sloan Peterson.

“Rats” is a catchy rock tune with hammering guitar and a gritty yet playful vibe. The Luke Stephenson-directed video features Peterson dancing about in a black-and-white frame, mimicking the bounciness of the track.

“‘Rats’ was written about low-lifes who wanna make something out of themselves, ratbags and teenagers who are on their own in a big city,” explains Peterson. “I had a pretty rough couple of years between 13 through 16 living up in Brisbane, being involved with bad company, never attending school among other horrible situations, and this song speaks to how I was feeling after coming out of such a whirlwind, trying to start all over again in Sydney by myself at only 16.”

Watch the “Rats” video above and listen to the first single off Sloan Peterson, “105,” here. Her self-titled debut EP will be released Sept. 8 via Mirror Records.

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