Stef Chura Shares Cathartic New Single “Sweet Sweet Midnight,” Featuring Will Toledo

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Stef Chura Shares Cathartic New Single “Sweet Sweet Midnight,” Featuring Will Toledo

Stef Chura has released another new song ahead of her forthcoming album Midnight, this time with support from perennial indie favorite Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest.

“Sweet Sweet Midnight” is a steady build of a song, starting with a thumping drum beat, and slowly adding an infectious guitar riff and understated keyboards before ultimately giving way to all-out wails from the duetting singers. The song follows the narrative of moving on from a dear friend’s death, but rather than being mournful, “Sweet Sweet Midnight” relishes the dreamtime visits from those gone from this mortal plane.

When talking about the songwriting process, Chura explains:

We built the song off of the chorus keeping the theme of death, light and dreaming. While we were in the studio, Will had a dream about Taylor Swift singing a song called “Jordi” and that became the muse of the songs verses. One of my favorite moments from making this record was when we recorded the yelling section of this song. Will just got on the mic at random and started recording the loudest howl.

“Sweet Sweet Midnight” sounds like catharsis embodied. It rips.

Midnight, which is produced by Toledo, is out June 7 via Saddle Creek Records.You can catch Chura live across North American tour this summer, the dates of which you can find here. Listen to “Sweet Sweet Midnight” and the equally rad previous singles from Midnight below, and watch Chura’s 2017 Daytrotter Session further down.

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