Tei Shi Learns to Love Herself on New Single, “A Kiss Goodbye”

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Tei Shi Learns to Love Herself on New Single, “A Kiss Goodbye”

Colombian/Canadian songstress Tei Shi returned with a groovy new single on Thursday, pulled from her untitled forthcoming album.

“A Kiss Goodbye” is a lounge-infused tune, layering airy vocals over quietly intoxicating drums and ambient keys to set the mood. Tei Shi sings of learning to reclaim a sense of self after giving it all away to a romantic partner; “The love that I have in my heart of mine / I’m keeping it all to myself this time,” she sings during the trap-heavy bridge.

Tei Shi (aka Valerie Teicher) explains in a statement that the song is about “figuring out who you are on your own and without someone else defining that for you, through trusting yourself and allowing for the universe, the supernatural, the unexpected to take hold.” It’s a simple sentiment, but an effective one that nicely fits the song’s subdued production.

While we still don’t know much about her sophomore album, we do know that it’s coming out this fall. Tei Shi says it was inspired by a move prompting a change in scenery, saying, “I was spending so much time in nature and seeing all this beauty in my surroundings, and I felt really inspired to bring that feeling into my music.”

In the meanwhile, listen to “A Kiss Goodbye” below, then keep scrolling to find Tei Shi’s 2017 visit to the Paste Studio.

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