The Black Keys “Go” to Therapy in Music Video for Their Latest Single

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The Black Keys “Go” to Therapy in Music Video for Their Latest Single

The Black Keys try their best to patch things up in the new music video for “Go,” the raucous third track from their yet-to-be-released ninth studio album, “Let’s Rock.”

The tongue-in-cheek clip finds guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Pat Carney sent to a hippie commune at the behest of their manager (played by Jesse James Locorriere). The pair take on therapy circles, “spiritual dancing” and an ayahuasca trip that leads them to find true common ground: loads and loads of cash.

The Bryan Schlam-directed video is a wink wink, nudge nudge moment for those wondering just where the hell the band went for the five years since their last album, 2014’s Turn Blue.

Schlam detailed the inspiration for the humorous clip in a statement:

For “Go” I felt like we needed to address the elephant in the room. Where have the guys been for five years? I thought—Let’s send them to the next level of therapy. A retreat. A commune. A place that’s supposed to symbolize peace and unity … and they’ll hate every second of it. It was a challenging video, not only in the task of having Dan and Patrick act in almost every shot—but also in keeping a narrative that feels cinematic and funny at the same time. We tried to balance the two, relying on situational humor and the effortlessly cool vibe of the song.

“It was great making this video with Bryan,” said Carney, “partially because it was filmed at the very type of place it is making fun of.”

“The video was fun, but we still haven’t spoken,” added Auerbach.

Go follows previously-released tracks “Lo/Hi” and “Eagle Birds.” “Lo/Hi” made history this week, topping four charts simultaneously: Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs, Adult Alternative Songs, Rock Airplay and Alternative Songs.

“Let’s Rock”, scheduled for release June 28, promises to be “a return to the straightforward rock” the duo were known for in their early days. The Black Keys also have a North American tour kicking off in September.

Watch their “Go” video below.

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