The Greencards – Weather and Water

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The Greencards – Weather and Water

Recent opening act for Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, unsurprisingly, finds Americana template a snug fit

The Greencards may hail from Great Britain (fiddler Eamon McLoughlin) and Australia (bassist Carol Young and mandolin player Kym Warner) but Weather and Water offers slice after juicy slice of Americana.

Although the men show their finesse with a few graceful instrumentals, it’s Young and her vocals that prove the clear standout, delicately adding ache and warmth to “The Ghost of Who We Were,” “Weather and Water” and the Patty Griffin-penned “What You Are.” The ’cards rely little on flashy romps, favoring moody, catchy lyrics and steady picking. A comforting, intimate blend of genuinely performed roots music.

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