TORRES Announces New Album What an Enormous Room

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TORRES Announces New Album  What an Enormous Room

32-year old New York singer/songwriter TORRES has announced her sixth full length album, What an Enormous Room , and released the first single in its anticipation. “Collect” is a sharp, synthy song that is as confrontational as it is catchy; it hasn’t left my head since the moment I first heard it. What an Enormous Room is set to release on January 26 of next year via Merge Records, and each song on the album was fully written by TORRES—as she contributes guitar, bass, synth, organ, piano and programmed drums to the mix. The album promises the gritty emotionality of TORRES’s other music, while soaring to new sonic heights.

Julien Baker penned the bio for What an Enormous Room, and about it she says “TORRES’ music making is conducted in a melodic vocabulary unique to itself––methods, equipment, circumstances shifting around the impulse to affirm the self within the world, to make art that bears all these little artifacts of the divine and of the real and show it to people and know it is valuable”

“Collect” doesn’t try to veil its indignation. TORRES sings “I know what you expect / You expect to be first / You claim what you didn’t earn.” The song finishes on the assertion “I’m here to collect.” Even the way she enunciates the word “collect” is steeped with an obvious vitriol—TORRES is back, and she’s here to get what she is owed. About the song, she says, “This song is about justice being served. The rage song I’ve been trying to write for years!”

Watch the video for “Collect” and check out the What an Enormous Room tracklist and album artwork below.

What an Enormous Room Artwork:

What an Enormous Room Tracklist:
Happy man’s shoes
Life as we don’t know it
I got the fear
Wake to flowers
Ugly mystery
Artificial limits
Jerk into joy
Forever home
Songbird forever

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