Victor Krummenacher – Gulf Road

Wolfgang's Vault (San Francisco, CA), 02/28/2011

Music Video Victor Krummenacher

Victor Krummenacher is a founding member of Camper Van Beethoven, and a prolific musician in his own right with over 25 years under his belt as a songwriter and performer, including 5 solo album releases and musical collaborations of all kinds. His lyrics are narrative-driven and highly literate, and his musical style ranges from blues to alternative to an Americana-tinged indie. While still active with Camper Van Beethoven, Victor also works with Alison Levy on McCabe & Mrs. Miller in addition to his solo projects. Enjoy this creative musician and the stories he shares, like his rendition of the famous Auden Poem “Stop All the Clocks.”

Visit Victor Krummenacher’s official site.

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