Whitney Say Their New Album Is “100% Recorded”

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Whitney Say Their New Album Is “100% Recorded”

Whitney’s much-anticipated Light Upon the Lake follow-up is one step closer to our ears, as the Chicago country-soul outfit announced over the weekend that “the record is 100% recorded.”

The reveal came after Whitney mock-announced their second album’s title:

“This is just a dumb joke but in all seriousness the record is 100% recorded with a title that we took seriously,” they clarified in a follow-up tweet:

(If you’d grown attached to “WeamDreaver” over the past 10 seconds, keep weamin’: Whitney joked in a reply to a fan, “lol maybe we’ll use it for lp3.”)

Led by creative nucleus Max Kakacek and Julien Ehrlich, Whitney released the widely acclaimed Light Upon the Lake in 2016, followed by a handful of covers and a demo version of their album in 2017.

No word yet on the actual details of their sophomore effort, obviously, but we’ll relay it once there is. The album is one of Paste’s most-anticipated releases of the year.

In the meantime, catch up on everything we know so far about Whitney’s LP2 here.

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