Zayn Malik’s First Non-Direction Single is Here

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Zayn Malik’s First Non-Direction Single is Here

Zayn Malik, formerly of a band which name rhymes with “Fun Discretion,” is trying to have his Miley moment with his new single, “Pillow Talk.”

The track and the video dropped early this morning, and it’s definitely a giant declaration of where the pop star want to go from here with his image.

Looking like Dario Argento and Lana Del Rey threw up on it, the video features trippy images and girlfriend (?) Gigi Hadid. We could look that one up to verify, but really—this is the definition of something that does not matter.

The song itself tries to make its own declarations, proven by the fact that the word fuck is used at least twice. A little electronic, a little R&B, it’s a disappointing facsimile of The Weeknd and what Bieber did with Purpose.

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