Adam Fletcher

The Freedom Figure: How to Work Less, Live More, and Thrive in the Digital Age.

The Freedom Figure: How to Work Less, Live More, and Thrive in the Digital Age. by Adam Fletcher
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For readers of:Derek Sivers, Tim Ferris, Ryan Holiday, James Altucher, Cal Newport
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Publication Date8/7/2016
About the Book

Three time Spiegel bestselling author Adam Fletcher invites early readers to his new book The Freedom Figure...

The world of work has changed, so must you. Software is eating the world with new technologies disrupting all that was previously sacred - jobs, industries, education, pensions, and even government itself. This book will show you how to create a more future-proof life of adventure, freedom, travel, and meaningful work.

In this humorous, honest book:

The Freedom Figure - A framework for controlling your finances and separating your lifestyle from your income.

The Luck Surface Area technique - Why certain people seem to get all the luck, and how you can become one of them.

How to win at marketing - For people that hate marketing and self-promotion (that's everyone, right?).

What to do when you want to do everything - How to optimise your life around experimentation.

How to become your own boss - Six steps to online self-employment or how to maximise your success as an employee/freelancer.

Plus Bonus - 10 Case studies from people who've already made the leap.

About the Author

Adam Fletcher is a 33 year old bald Englishman. A writer of words and an eater of chocolate, he is the author of six traditionally published books, four of which are Spiegel Best-sellers in his adopted Germany. He has sold more than 150k books, not all of which were to his mother. Proudly self-employed for the past seven years, before he was a writer he lived from a number of small internet businesses. He talks about them in the book.

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