Annas Khan

For fans of:self help, motivation, inspiration, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas

My name is Annas, I am a motivational messenger, a son and a brother. Having experienced a lot of hardships in life, from financial, social to school you name it, I have always managed to come out of them. I have faced numerous adversities in life in which all of them should have put me down in the ground forever, but it was my mindset, my goals, that brought me up and managed to help me get out of the rubble. Having faced so much at a young age and seeing a lot of young individuals and elders too go through similar aspects of life, I have been able to use my story and lessons to help them come out and build a better life for themselves and their surroundings. I have gone around the world to talk and help people facing with adversities, people who have given up on their lives. My mission on Earth is to inspire and motivate the whole world. I have one goal in mind, that is to Inspire, Motivate and help better someones life. They say a true life is that which when you can help better another individuals life.