Christa Hesselink

Sample: Intro & Chapter 1 of "Life's Great Dare"

Sample: Intro & Chapter 1 of "Life's Great Dare" by Christa Hesselink
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-This is a sample only: Introduction & Chapter One included. This book officially launches on March 31, 2016.


Ever feel stuck in personal patterns and emotions that limit you from experiencing a full and satisfying life? What if accepting a dare was the way to the love, joy and peace you crave? Life’s greatest dare is risky because it means giving up something comfortable in order for something new and better to emerge.

This is one woman’s story of saying, “yes” to the dare in the midst of the most traumatic and devastating circumstances. Of learning how personal transformation is the pathway to an abundantly full life.

This is a self-hope book more than a self-help book. It’s discovering that God isn’t transforming us to be perfect so he can love us more; he’s transforming us so that we can experience his love more perfectly. God is inviting you to accept life’s great dare to be transformed, and be free to experience love in extraordinary ways.

About the Author

Christa’s passionate about helping people experience a life that is more full of love—for themselves, for God and for others. Whether in her writing, speaking, or work with leaders, Christa hopes that people will be awakened to the reality that God’s love is better than they ever imagined.

She's the author of Life's Great Dare: Risking It All for the Abundant Life. It is also available on hardcopy on Amazon for only $7.99

Learn more about Christa and connect with her at

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