Francis W. Porretto

An Indie Writer's Odyssey

An Indie Writer's Odyssey by Francis W. Porretto
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For readers of:C. S. Lewis, Robert A. Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Orson Scott Card, Robert Charles Wilson
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Publication Date01/01/2012
About the Book

There’s a new force abroad in the land: the independent writer of fiction: He who can create his own original stories; perform (or arrange for) editing, required artwork, and promotional blurbs; and promote his creations by himself. We have the conventional publishing world in terror. If you’re a fellow indie, perhaps you’ll enjoy this collection of thoughts on our common avocation.

About the Author

Francis W. Porretto was born in 1952. Things went steadily downhill from there.

Fran lives on the east end of Long Island, New York. He's short, bald, homely, has bad acne and crooked teeth. His neighbors hold him personally responsible for the decline in local property values. His life is graced by one wife, two stepdaughters, two dogs, four cats, too many power tools to list, and an old ranch house furnished in Early Mesozoic style. His 13,000 volume (and growing) personal library is considered a major threat to the stability of the North American tectonic plate.

Publishing industry professionals describe Fran's novels as "Unpublishable. Horrible, but unpublishable all the same." (They don't think much of his short stories, either.) He's thought of trying bribery, but isn't sure he can afford the $3.50.

Fran's novels Chosen One, On Broken Wings, Shadow Of A Sword, The Sledgehammer Concerto, Which Art In Hope, Freedom's Scion, Freedom's Fury, and Priestesses are also available as paperbacks, through Amazon. Check the specific pages for those books for details.

Fran's novels are available through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Wallow in his insane ranting on politics, culture, and faith at Liberty's Torch:

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