Mike Gagnon

Paper Walls - Sample

Paper Walls - Sample by Mike Gagnon
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nonfiction Comic, Self-Improvement
For readers of:Stephen King, Fred Hembeck, E.L. James, Scott McCloud, Laurell K. Hamilton
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Print Length82
Publication DateJune 30th 2015
About the Book

Amazon Bestseller, June 2017! So, you are an aspiring graphic novelist.You are a comic creator with the burning ambition to see your work proudly taking the place it deserves on the front shelves of bookstores.Remove The Barriers Between You And Making Great Comics & Publish Them Without Going Bankrupt!Let acclaimed author and comic creator Mike Gagnon guide you not only on the CREATIVE process for compelling comics but also on the BUSINESS side of the publishing arena, showing you from inside what it takes to embark on profitable self-publishing of your creative work.Get FIRST-HAND insight into how to manage your creative passion as a business, using current software advances to overcome the bumps and barriers in the publishing arena.A gripping, comprehensive guide, the first one in a new series intended to support creative artists in their first publishing venture, this book will help you save money, cope with the high stress levels involved in publishing your own work and successfully help your comics or graphic novels make it to the bookstore windows at low or even ZERO cost!

About the Author

Woohoo! Welcome! I know you know the drill, you get a free ebook and agree to join my mailing list. Well, my mailing list is different. I do a weekly comic strip called One-Pager. My newsletter is a new comic strip e-mailed directly to your inbox, weekly! It'll also come with some sneak peeks into graphic novels and books in progress! An extra, free bonus!

I love to tell stories that make you think. I might tell you an eerie horror story that gives you chills, leaving you spending a sleepless night staring at your closet. I might tell you a satire that makes you laugh until you cry. I might tell you a crime story, so suspenseful that it leaves you breathless, wondering if the detective will apprehend the killer before they strike again. I might tell you an erotica that will leave you breathless for…other reasons… But above all, I want to tell you a story that makes you think: about life, love society…about real life issues that make you challenge your own beliefs, all through the safe and comfortable filter of fiction.

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