PREMIERE: Listen to Annabel’s New Single “Dog”

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PREMIERE: Listen to Annabel’s New Single “Dog”

Today, Akron, Ohio band Annabel have released the latest single from their forthcoming album Worldviews, which is due out on June 14 via Tiny Engines. Following the title-track and “Defense Mechanism,” “Dog” is searing guitar-rock plum righteous with Rust Belt disconnect and unbeatable hooks. Brothers Ben and Andy Hendricks have a keen eye for restless, pop-driven emo, and “Dog” travels through a multiverse of dynamics and tone shifts before arriving at its conclusion of spellbinding, post-jangle breakdown: “Sometimes I learn, sometimes I don’t / I’m grateful for your concern,” Ben sings out.

“While writing this record, my house was literally collapsing around me. My entire first floor was being torn apart because of excess mold from water damage, all while I was still grieving the sudden death of my dog, not to mention a dramatic falling out with an old friend and just dealing with the state of the world post-covid,” Ben says. “I remember one day sitting in the ruin of my dining room, drinking coffee, and just thinking, ‘Man I feel exactly like that dog in that burning house meme.’ Then I started to look at that little guy for inspiration. I also realized that humor is my defense mechanism (and yes, that is a reference to our other single). And I think that’s why that image, and memes in general, resonate so much. They can be a way to cope with complicated situations and feel connected even when also feeling truly isolated.”

Listen to “Dog” below.

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