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An Old Tree in Kyoto : How a Japanese girl got freedom / Hidemi Woods

An Old Tree in Kyoto : How a Japanese girl got freedom / Hidemi Woods by Hidemi Woods
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nonfiction Biographies, Humor
For readers of:J. D. Salinger, Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien
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My parents live in my hometown, Kyoto, which is located in the western part of Japan. A long time ago, when Japan had the feudal system, my family was a landlord of the area. It has come to a complete downfall over the years, but my family still clings to its past glory. For them, to succeed the family is critical. I’m firstborn and have no brother which meant that I was a successor and destined to spend the whole life in my hometown. But music changed everything. To pursue a career in music, my hometown was too rural and I had to move out. Back then I was a college student and moving to a city meant dropping out of school. My parents fiercely opposed but as usual, they left the matter to my grandfather who controlled the family. Considering his way to keep a tight rein, everybody including myself thought he might kill me. I could have run away, but I wanted to tell him for once what I want to do for my life.

About the Author

Hidemi Woods was born and raised in Kyoto, which is located in the western part of Japan.

Singer, songwriter and author.






¦ Regularly played at local halls in Kyoto, JAPAN 1983 – 1986

¦ Guest-appeared on local radio programs 1983 – 1986

¦ Played regularly at a bar and halls in Tokyo 1986 – 1988

¦ Made music for Japanese major labels 1986 – 1989

¦ Start a label, The Marketplace 1989

The Marketplace

¦ Signed and produced several artists 1989 – 1995

¦ Produced and released over 30 compilation albums 1989 – 1995

¦ Became a pioneer of Japan’s compilation album boom of 90s. 1989

¦ Released an album ‘Not enough. / 88TH’ 1992

¦ Made a promotion video 1993

¦ Appeared on TV 1993

Music Marketplace

¦ Moved to California, USA 1994

¦ Started a label, Music Marketplace 1994

¦ Influenced and provoked the carry-bag boom and Japanese teens’ boom of Western boots

1995 – 1996

¦ Made albums in Quebec, CANADA 1997 – 2001

88th Planet Project

¦ Renamed my label to 88th Planet Project 2008

¦ Write columns 2009 – Present

¦ Published ‘Hidemi’s Rambling / Hidemi Woods’ 2010

¦ Published ‘Hidemi’s Rambling Volume 2 / Hidemi Woods’ 2010

¦ Released ‘Sunrise / Hidemi Woods’ 2010

¦ Published ‘Hidemi’s Rambling Volume 3 / Hidemi Woods’ 2011

¦ Published ‘Hidemi’s Rambling Volume 4 / Hidemi Woods’ 2012

¦ Published ‘An Old Tree in Kyoto / Hidemi Woods’ 2014

¦ Released ‘Lousy Neighbor / Hidemi Woods’ 2018

¦ Released an album ‘Hidemi / Hidemi Woods’ 2018

¦ Published ‘Surviving in Japan / Hidemi Woods’ 2019

¦ Making a new album and writing a new book Present

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