Chevon Grant (ICBM Poetry)

For fans of:C.S Lewis, Isaac Asimov, The Bible, Ravi Zacharias, Stan Lee

ICBM: In Christ Become More

Chevon Grant is a young believer from Queens, New York – Raised in the Southside of Queens and now residing in Rosedale. This young author understands the tensions of peer pressure, depression and suicide.

His aim is to spread the Gospel, The knowledge and the Love of God as well as elevate the intellect of the arts and spirituality (in Jesus Christ) through Queens New York and the Culture.

Much of his influences spawn from pop culture as well as the works and writings of profound spiritual and intellectual thinkers, ranging from the contemporary poet Lupe Fiasco, Authors Isaac Asimov and wildly popular animated series such as Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball, and Hironobu Sakaguchi’s notable Final Fantasy series to speeches on apologetics by Ravi Zacharias and the writings of C.S Lewis.

His biggest hope is that his poems will reach the ends of the earth from the church libraries to the urban anthologies and underground poetry events having the Love of God shine through it all.