Ireland Lorelei

Back Where It Began

Back Where It Began by Ireland Lorelei
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fiction Fiction, Romance
For readers of:E.L. James, Gina Showalter, Sally Rooney
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About the Book

Two people, two high school crushes, who never knew how the other felt, and yet somehow fate had put them together years after graduation.

Sylvia Taylor had fallen madly in love with her old high school classmate. What had started as a high school crush turned into just two old friends hanging out with getting to know each other better and catching up, turned into months of seeing each other regularly. She never anticipated she would fall in love with him. Not after her last relationship had left her with walls up and heart guarded. It felt like as soon as she let the walls come down, it would all shatter around her. It was a Saturday morning in February when the dream romance came to a crashing end.

Wes Hamilton had the biggest crush on Sylvia Taylor in high school. So, when she reached out to him about his motorcycle, he jumped at the chance to get to know her now and spend time with her. He never imagined that he would fall in love with her. His past marriage had put such a bad taste in his mouth that he swore off relationships. In the end, it would be that bad taste and fear of it failing, which caused him to never tell her how he felt. So, he ended up doing the one thing he said he never wanted to do, hurt her.

Five months after their breakup that had left her devastated, she had no choice but to make that phone call that would change their lives forever. She never expected what happened next.

About the Author

Ireland Lorelei started reading romance novels, watching soap operas and romance/drama movies with her mother as a teenager. She then started enjoying horror, mystery, and thrillers. Her imagination and creativity started from there to wanting to write her own romance novels. She is from a small coastal town in North Carolina and currently lives in Florida.

She is the author of the Second Chance Series, which includes Book 1: Back Where It Began and Island Christmas.

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