Amazing Grace

James Hellvig

Amazing Grace by James Hellvig
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fiction Politics, Suspense
For readers of:Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum , Ian Fleming
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Publication DateMarch 19, 2013
About the Book

Download the first 3 chapters FREE from this site, then purchase the full eBook at or Amazon for only $3.99.

Sometimes being haunted by your past can be what saves you.

World-weary combat veteran, Major Tammy Fuller, from a small group of female Special Forces, has been battling inner demons from a past mission for years. A chance encounter changed the course of her life, bringing her to an inner city church where new and old enemies await her.

About the Author

James Hellvig is a freelance writer, he writes for many online publications and his dramatic action novel Amazing Grace is published by He is a member of The Writers Center and coauthored KKR Kenpo with professor Steven Patton. His published short works include, A Season Remembered and The Obedient. Born in the mid west he currently resides in middle TN. with his family and soul mate.

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Amazing Grace by James Hellvig
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