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Why be Normal When You Can Be Interesting?

Why be Normal When You Can Be Interesting? by Kelvin Bueckert
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For readers of:Humorous/thoughtful fiction and poetry., Douglas Adams, Kevin Max, Donald Miller, Justin Halpern
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About the Book

"First off I couldn't find my favorite "Clutter is Your Friend" book amongst the clutter. Then, I tried for hours to get in touch with my get rich quick guru. Turns out, he couldn't pay the phone bill and his phone service got canceled. Man, I tell ya. Finally, I tried to book an appointment with my Psychic to find out what will happen next and he had the gall to tell me that he had no idea when he'd have time for me... January 4, 2013 at 8:46 pm" Yes friend, all this valuable information and much more can be yours when you purchase this collection of instructive, humorous, and thought-provoking status updates and blog entries written by the incredibly opinionated Kelvin Bueckert. Bonus! 15% more words! This edition also features the original short story, An Old-Fashioned Christmas Train Robbery.

About the Author

Kelvin Bueckert is an author, actor, and generally someone with an overactive imagination. His first major writing achievement was of writing his own name at a young age. Since then, Kelvin has learned to form three word sentences and recently was seen writing an entire paragraph in one sitting. But seriously...The burden of writing weighed upon his slim (but attractive) shoulders for many years, but it was only after his sister badgered him into auditioning for, Anne of Green Gables, that things changed. He realized that the pool of creativity was not something to be hidden, but was in fact something to revel in. In that way, Anne of Green Gables led into writing, music, and even more acting. Kelvin felt the joy of having his first short story published in 2004, since then he has continued to write, act, and think of crazy things to say in his biography. (Working title: How Anne of Green Gables Changed My Life.)

Kelvin is a diverse writer who has written drama, humor, suspense, poetry, and pretty much, whatever he feels like writing. His writings have been featured in many different and diverse places such as The Pedestal Magazine, Horizon Magazine, The Fifth Dimension, Writer Online, The Martian Wave, Lyrica Webzine of Romantic Fiction, Bewildering Stories, Alephion, Washing the Color of Water Golden, and many others.

As an actor Kelvin has been in many shows. He is also involved in the work of NoEclipse, an acting group that uses powerful skits to reach out to the lost and hurting. The slide show on the home page has pictures of some of the characters that Kelvin has played in the past. Kelvin is always interested in playing interesting if you have a show in the works, why not contact him?


2nd Place in a Canada Post Essay Contest

Honorable Mention in the Unscrambled Eggs poetry contest.

Runner up in Breakaway Magazine's Hey World essay contest.

4th Place in the Spinetinglers contest.


This is a partial list of books written by Kelvin Bueckert.

Most are available from bookstores everywhere, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and everywhere else including your local bookshop.

LifeStories. A Special hardcover edition including, Love from the Crucible, and, Beauty in a Scorched Land. Beauty in a Scorched Land. (With Charlene Bueckert). A combination of fiction, non-fiction, and pictures. Why should you care about Africa?

A Priceless Christmas. A lighthearted Christmas mystery with more than a dash of romance. Currently out of print.

Love from the Crucible Dramatic, romantic, and relevant fiction inspired by a true story. Currently only available as part of LifeStories.

Revelry in Reverie An anthology of previously published poetry plus some previously unpublished poems and one previously unpublished short story. The Phantom Poetic. Dark poety and short stories.

The Twin Nature. A dark suspense story filled with twists and turns. Also includes the complete text of The Phantom Poetic.

Of Life and Spirit. Inspiring, thoughtful, poetry and essays.

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