Kris Kramer

Oath-Breaker Part 1

Oath-Breaker Part 1 by Kris Kramer
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fiction Fantasy, Humor
For readers of:Brandon Sanderson, Bernard Cornwell, J.R.R. Tolkien
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About the Book

Basileus Ondraedon, the world's most feared warrior, is also a reclusive, self-centered, arrogant jerk. Known as the Halflord for his half-elven heritage, Basileus recounts the tales that made him the man he is today, in lecherous, back-stabbing and glorious detail.

Looking to escape his numerous enemies, Basileus, the half-human, half-elf warrior from Raven's Crest, arrives at a foreign land, seeking to make a fresh start with his trusted companion, Saras. When he learns that this new land, led by a Lord who seeks to become a King, needs a warrior such as himself, he eagerly lends himself out, for the right price. When his service to his new lord becomes more than he can bear, however, his loyalty is tested, betrayed, and broken. With his life on the line, will Basileus finally suffer the consequences of his arrogance, or will he prove once again why he's the greatest warrior he's ever known?

About the Author

Born in New Orleans and raised in Houston, Kris Kramer has been a native of Dallas, TX since 1987 and graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Computer Science. Starting off his professional life as a software developer, Kris spent his free time writing stories and screenplays for all the crazy ideas he had in that hyper-imaginative brain. After letting the I.T. industry suck his soul away for over a decade, he decided to make a go of his new passion for storytelling, and has been writing frantically ever since.

Having recently finished his first full-length novel, Sanctuary, Kris is now working on his 2014/15 slate of books, which includes the sequel to Sanctuary, a new science fiction novel called Olympia, and the follow-ups to Tales of the Lore Valley, The Organization, and his collaboration with fellow authors Alistair McIntyre and Patrick Underhill, The Rise of Cithria. In his spare time, he chauffeurs his daughter around, watches movies, and tries to catch some basketball on TV.

Says Kris: “Who wants to read about me? I write because my characters are FAR more interesting than I’ve ever been.”

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