Marilyn Alauria

360 Living: Live Your Best Year Yet

360 Living: Live Your Best Year Yet by Marilyn Alauria
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About the Book

*Free gift offer at the end of book for Noisetrade readers only!* 2016 is here! Are you ready to live your best year yet? I'm here, ready to help you make it happen! I've created a brand new 5 step program "360 Living" to help you get clear about the type of life you want to live that will move you out of boredom and into the exciting, enticing life you dream of. In this Ebook, you'll learn methods to help you stay focused and remain conscious about what you truly desire and help you to make better life decisions. As we work through the Ebook's exercises and challenges, we'll dig deep and get you on course to your best year yet. I created this program based on my own success with these steps and now it's my turn to share them with you. Get ready to live from the seat of your soul…get ready to live an authentic, awe-inspired life.

About the Author

Internationally renowned psychic medium Marilyn Alauria offers profound and powerful insights to clients around the world. Engaging her gifts of vision, hearing, knowing and feeling, she does more than just provide a connection to the future or the afterlife – she gives her clients an action plan and shows them how to anchor into their true purpose.

Marilyn inherited her abilities from both her mother and father’s sides of the family and has been exploring the depths of those skills since she was five years old. Certified in many modalities, Marilyn Alauria provides messages from the guides that are always with us and from loved ones who have crossed over. A regular guest on telesummits in the personal growth movement, she has reached thousands of individuals worldwide, facilitating the internal guidance needed to succeed, thrive and prosper.

Integrity is the cornerstone of her work and Marilyn’s priority is to see her clients embrace the happiness they are genuinely entitled to. As a psychic medium, healer, teacher, author and speaker, she is devoted to using her abilities to bring awareness and enlightenment to every life she touches.

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