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For fans of:Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt, Guy Kawasaki, Jim F. Kurkral

At Mixtus Media, our goal is to provide the tools, knowledge, experience, and assistance authors need to significantly grow their audience, make a world-wide impact, and of course, to sell more books.

In other words, we help authors take the guesswork out of how to:

  • navigate through the overwhelming world of social media to see real & lasting results
  • use their blog to establish trust and a connection with their fans
  • use their website to inform and grow their audience
  • convert fans into newsletter subscribers (these are your core fans!)
  • blow your sales numbers through the roof

If you’re like most authors we talk to, you’re someone who wears many hats. Not only are you a writer but you're a husband/wife, mother/father, friend, employee, family peacekeeper, dog wrangler — the list goes on and on. You’re trying to manage 20 things at once. We get it - we are in the same boat!

And in the shifting world of book publishing, you have even more hats to wear in regards to the marketing and selling of your book. More has been placed on the author’s shoulders than ever before! That means building and overseeing your website, growing and establishing your fan base through social media, writing a blog, managing a newsletter, and more.