Nicola McDonagh

For fans of:Sci-fi/Dystopian/Action Adventure, Patrick Ness, Veronica Roth, Suzanne Collins, Ursula K. Le Guin

I was born in Liverpool, England, the youngest of six and spent most of my childhood running through the garden; either being chased by or chasing my brothers, sisters, cats and dogs. I helped my dad grow vegetables and had a favourite pear tree that I would climb into whenever I felt sad. Oh, and sometimes I went to school.

After gaining a Drama and English Literature degree, I worked for many years as an actor/tutor/script writer.

As well as being an author, I am an editor, I teach photography and creative writing for both adults and young people, and I'm constantly exploring new ways to create photographic images and experiment with language.

My writing day begins about 3.00am when I wake up with a brilliant idea. My writing day ends about 3.02am when that idea vanishes with consciousness. But I do try to get in a couple of hours writing in the early afternoon before going to work.