Norma Jean Lutz

Brought To You By The Color Drab: Chapters 1 & 2

Brought To You By The Color Drab: Chapters 1 & 2 by Norma Jean Lutz
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fiction Children, Fiction
For readers of:Teen & Young Adult Fiction, Jay Asher, SE Hinton, Jenny B Jones
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Print Length294 pages
PublisherNUWSLink Inc., Publishing
Publication DateApril 2017
About the Book

It takes a blind man to show Race the way…

The moment Race heard the gunshots explode, he knew it was Vince. Somehow he just knew.

Throwing the remote across the room, he leaped over the back of the ratty couch and flew down the dimly-lit stairs out into the hot August night.

In this riveting teen novel, Race Paloma’s world violently turns upside-down after his older brother, Vince, is murdered in a drive-by. Without Vince’s strong leadership, their once-powerful, hood-ruling pack unravels at the speed of light. The Deuce Dragons threaten takeover in their Cincinnati Over-The-Rhine hood.

As life closes in, Race has nowhere to turn. Vince’s tight homie and joint-leader of their pack, Wynn, is sent off to juvie; the Deuce Dragons pressure Race to be jumped in; his mother drowns her grief over Vince’s death in extended drunken bouts; then Race is caught shoplifting and comes face-to-face with the slammer. Could his world get any worse?

Vince used to say: “My entire life, every freaking part of it, has been brought to you by the color drab. And I do mean the drabbiest.”

Race’s new employer, a blind piano tuner named Stan, says: “…The truth of the matter is, each man colors his own world.”

Who’s right? What voice will Race listen to?

Set in the year, 2001, this teen/young adult novel, replete with gangs, knives, turf wars, car theft, ghetto lifestyle, and drive-by shootings, is reminiscent of S.E. Hinton’s Outsiders. High drama, and intense conflict will have readers—both young and old— turning pages till the wee hours of the morning.

About the Author

Norma Jean Lutz’s writing career began professionally in the 1970s, when she enrolled in a writing correspondence course. Since then, she has had over 250 short stories and articles published in both secular and Christian publications. The full-time writer is also the author of over 50 published books under her own name and many ghostwritten books. Her books have been favorably reviewed in Affair de Coeur, Coffee Time Romance, Romance Reader at Heart, and The Romance Studio magazines, and her short fiction has garnered a number of first prizes in local writing contests.

Norma Jean is the founder of the Professionalism In Writing School, which was held annually in Tulsa for fourteen years. This writers' conference, which closed its doors in 1996, gave many writers their start in the publishing world.

A gifted teacher, Norma Jean has taught a variety of writing courses at local colleges and community schools, and is a frequent speaker at writers' seminars around the country. For eight years, she taught on staff for the Institute of Children's Literature. She has served as artist-in-residence at grade schools, and for two years taught a staff development workshop for language arts teachers in schools in Northeastern Oklahoma.

As co-host for the Tulsa KNYD Road Show, she shared the microphone with Kim Spence to present the Road Show Book Club, a feature presented by the station for more than a year. She has also appeared in numerous interviews on KDOR-TV.

As a writer who loves writing for teens, and hanging out with teens, Norma Jean has launched the Clean Teen Reads website and blog. Lots of fun stuff for teens! Check it out here:

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