Rachel Kang

For fans of:Ann Voskamp, Emily P. Freeman, Jackie Hill Perry, Anne Lamott

I remember why I first began.

I needed someplace to heal, someplace to lay my brokenness down. The thought of ink and paper intrigued my wandering heart. So I picked up the pen and scribbled my heart between thin lines on blank pages. These days, I live deep and love hard and I have a treasure chest spilling over with journals to prove it.

You’d know it by the way that I say coffee, that I was born and raised in New York, just outside the sleepless city. I decided to give a real try at writing, so I studied the art and craft of it at Nyack College. After college, I said yes to a Korean man on bended knee. He won me over by playing songs on steel strings and telling me he’d love me forever—so we got married and moved down south to live and dream in North Carolina.

I’d be crazy not to share about the grace that I have stumbled upon and how it’s wrecked my soul in all the best possible ways. I am a believer in God and a follower of Jesus and all I really want in this life is for my words to illuminate the hope and grace that is there for us all.