A Distant Glimmer

Robert Koyich

A Distant Glimmer by Robert Koyich
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For readers of:Personal Journeys, Introspective Prose, New Thought
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Print Length108
Publication DateMarch 27th., 2018
About the Book

Through a course of time and developed thought, Robert navigates through text towards objectives that shift in the sand. His work is that of obsessive nature and committed resolve with points of wondering "Why do I even do this?" Answer: to provide. We move forward with the premise that each deserve a good life and discuss some theories about such. This book dredges up Robert's doubt about what he can do for the world while teetering on the boundaries of belief and understanding. 100% of the royalties of A Distant Glimmer go to the Dream Fund to provide things and experiences people dream of, though can't afford. If you'd prefer a printed version of any of Rob's books, please visit Amazon and search the author name 'Robert Koyich."

About the Author

Robert's developed his authorship with the intent to provide. He is neurotic, obsessive, and persistent, and keeps active with his creative process also for his own clarity and sanity. His work is of the Introversial genre and banner and a core part of who he is.

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A Distant Glimmer by Robert Koyich
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