Steve Kindorf

For fans of:Bible, Prayerbooks, Bible study guides, John Calvin, Matthew Henry

I put this together myself, God showing me the need to glorify the person, work, and Godhead of his Son Jesus Christ. And to give study aids to the world to better understand his written revelation to man, the Bible.

God gives me a strong conviction every time I read this prayerbook "My children do not know me like this, my children need to know me as a Holy God"

I typed out Matthew Henry's 'A Method for Prayer' from 8 different documents from 1710-1834. Two 1710 documents, the first and second edition were the main one's.

A friend and I give out free Bibles and study helps that I have put together.

The PDF available at this site has an active table of contents, chapters and subchapters.

Daily prayers from 'A Method for Prayer' are sent from my blog at