Ben Zackheim

Shirley Link & The Safe Case

Shirley Link & The Safe Case by Ben Zackheim
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fiction Children, Suspense
For readers of:Eoin Colfer, Arthur Conan Doyle, Carolyn Keene, Blue Balliett, Philip Pullman
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Print Length102 pages
About the Book

Shirley Link is a 14-year old private eye, but she doesn't want anyone to know. Whenever she uses her powers of observation she gets into trouble.

An example?

She wrote a school paper about a tough case she'd solved over summer vacation.

“It’s not a creative writing assignment, Shirley," the teacher scolded. "You were supposed to write about what actually happened.”

“I did,” she said, louder than she meant to. But he gave her a D anyway.

So when the school principal needs Shirley's help to catch a thief she tries to do it quietly. Can she track down a criminal who's clever enough to steal $35,000 and the one-ton safe it was kept in? Can she do it without the whole world finding out about her detective skills?

Hint: the answer to one of those questions is, no.

A great read for kids (and their adults).

About the Author

Ben spent 15 years producing successful online games for Viacom, Sony, ESPN and AOL that are still being played by millions of people. While the work was fulfilling, he wanted to commit to writing.

So he gave up the New York corporate life for a writerly one in the Forbidden Forest at 42.5098° N, 72.6995° W.

His Shirley Link adventures have garnered praise from kids and their parents for its wit, humor and clever clues. called it, "An amazing series!"

Ben is currently working on another series titled The Camelot Kids.

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