Adam Price


Driftwood by Adam Price
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For fans of:Alan Jackson, George Strait, John Denver, Mo Pitney, Charlie Landsborough
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  1. I'd Do Anything
  2. I Want To Go Back
  3. Not My Old Man
  4. God Got It Right
  5. King of The Kenworth
  6. Paints Already Dry
  7. Driftwood
  8. On and On and On
  9. Sunny Side
  10. Rodeo Clown
  11. Under That Old Bridge
  12. Therapy
  13. When Angels Fall
  14. When Horses Were Better Than Boys
  15. You're Gonna Repeat It

Driftwood was Adam's third album released in 2016 and it a great collection of songs from ballads and easy listening country with a few faster country songs that will really get your feet tappin'.

Once again, the story line in each of these songs written by some extremely talented songwriters really hit home for Adam. He hopes you enjoy this album and that the songs have a great impact on you as well.

The song "Driftwood" was chosen as the title track, as Adam likens his life to that of a just floating through life and "allowing" God's grace to take him where it needed to be, which was this 3rd album some Six years after him leaving hospital.

Being told you have "3 to 4 weeks to live" back in 2010 and being blessed to survived, really changed Adam's view of life, and this "live every day to the full" attitude, really helped Adam to be more "care-free" with life like a driftwood on the water, which is where he was when he recorded this album and it was a perfect fit for the title (which by the way, the song just simply found it's way to him to record).

Adam donates the profits of his albums to the Newcastle Calvary Mater Hospital (Haematology Ward 5c), as well as remote outback towns at concerts he performs at.

To help Adam create further albums, do more good and to cover his travel expenses, please consider making a direct donation to him by clicking here.


The song writers of the various songs on the album are:

Keith Sasser, James Johnson, Jeff Moxcey, Donna Opfer, Michael Max McGee, Jay Brehmer, Keith Larsen, Derek Toomey, Wil Lim, Bob Clary, Tom Anderson, Robert Dodds, Doug Simon, Jamie Trent, Tim Martin, Adam Long, Tim Morgan, Glen Mitchell, Steve Bryant

For fans of:Alan Jackson, George Strait, John Denver, Mo Pitney, Charlie Landsborough
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