Alli and Andrew

For fans of:Laurie Berkner, Coal Train Railroad, Slugs and Bugs, Veggie Tales, The Wiggles
They say, “Children keep you young”. Alli and Andrew would have to agree. “There are lessons that I learned from songs I listened to as a child that I still think about as an adult. After the birth of my son I found myself re-learning life lessons through his eyes. So many of the things we learn as kids need to be reiterated as adults and I have been inspired to write songs that are not only fun, but character-building”, Alli said. Alli and Andrew bring a message with their catchy tunes: it’s never too early to teach positive lessons. Songs about asking for help, expressing your feelings, and having patience are delivered along-side kid-pleasers about favorite foods and neighborhood noises. Their inspiration comes from teaching their own children and wanting to foster a love for music in all kids. Appealing to parents, too, is of paramount importance to Alli and Andrew, as they know from experience that the parents hear the songs just as many times as the children do!