For fans of:Imogen Heap, Florence + the Machine, Owl City, Ingrid Michaelson, Lindsey Stirling

Anchorage is Caitlin Pequignot. Armed with an iMac and a MIDI controller, I began Anchorage in 2007 as an experiment. In high school, I played violin in classical youth orchestras and chamber ensembles, but I was also in love with the beats and synths of house music, the incredible electronic ambiences of Imogen Heap, and the alt-rock melodies of Coldplay and Keane. Back then, I wanted to write songs that bridged the gap between the kids blasting Usher at school and the ones debating the intricacies of Mozart at youth orchestra rehearsal; with that thought in mind, the fledgling days of Anchorage were born.

After four years at Yale, I returned home to Central Florida with the same goal in mind: making songs that highlight the best of what classically trained violin can do in an ever-changing alternative-electronic genre.