Ancient Dan

Suite d'Existence

Suite d'Existence by Ancient Dan
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For fans of:Settling Houses, The Brilliance, Cloud Cult, Gungor, John Mark McMillan
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  1. War & Peace
  2. Elin's Melody: Movement One
  3. Elin's Melody: Movement Two
  4. Elin's Melody: Movement Three
  5. In Memoriam of Dwight Mortenson
  6. Two-Part Invention
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War & Peace:I originally composed this piece for a project for Marcus Castillo which was a challenge to compose a piece in thirty minutes.

The motifs and phrases in the beginning depict peace & innocence which then moves towards tension with a wave of explosions. When the original motifs return, it is in the relative minor key symbolizing the horrors of war are present even after it is over.

Elin's Melody- Movement One:Music is an important part of Emma Hazel and I's lives, and we want it to be a big part of our baby girl's development. It is because of this that I set out to compose a piece dedicated to Elin. This piece is in 9|8 time for the nine months of pregnancy, and the BPM hovers around 144 which is the heart rate the doctor's often found when we would go in for ultra sounds.

Elin's Melody- Movement Two:During delivery, we had Bach's cello suites playing. When Elin was born, Suite No. 2, BWV 1008 was just wrapping up. So, in the second movement of Elin's Melody, I weaved phrases of the cello suite into other developing phrases I had composed. If you thought this movement felt like a baroque cell piece, you were absolutely right.

Elin's Melody- Movement Three:The final movement of Elin's Melody is one of my favorites! The pregnacy was very difficult. As Elin was developing, the doctor's found a mass in her lung. We were seeing specialists every week from Christmas 2018 until her birth at the end of March 2019. Emma and I were in a constant state of confusion, frustration, and sadness. Miraculously, the growth has shrunk with no surgery in sight for our little one. But it is because of the journey we went on that the motifs in tis movement are the way they are. They are heavy and filled with sadness but also reflections of the joy and delight we experienced.

In Memoriam of Dwight Mortenson:This was such a fun piece to work on and has a fascinating story! I did not compose a single note in this piece. Rather, I arranged the works I had of Dwight Mortenson. Here's the back story... Years ago, I picked up a bunch of music from an estate sale, and as I was digging through the scores, I discovered the original compositions of Dwight. They were sketched out on sheet music. I wanted to honor this man I never met or knew. Please enjoy and may is name and work live one!

Two-Part Invention:Influenced heavily by my music theory & counterpoint classes, I composed this pieces based on four separate phrases I had sketched out. Do they fit together? Do they even belong together? Who can say for sure, but I sure enjoyed breaking every rule I learned in counterpoint and calling this pieces a two-part invention.


Daniel Hazel

For fans of:Settling Houses, The Brilliance, Cloud Cult, Gungor, John Mark McMillan
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