Andrew Afton

For fans of:jesus culture, bethel music, united pursuit, toby mac, jimmy needham

My passion is to see God's people living life in freedom.

I grew up in the church scene and lived the Christian life-style for the early years of my life. I knew there was a God and had faith and belief in his power. However, I had never encountered the amazing saving grace that was shed on the cross--I just knew it existed from biblical stories and random testimonies. In college, life happened; I took one wrong turn after another...before I knew what happened, I was a different person. I was addicted to worldly pleasures instead of walking in God's presence.

In October of 2006, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The doctor told me I had 24-48 hours before it would spread throughout my body. I wasn't afraid, though. At that time I only saw this a safe opportunity to try morphine. I got the morphine, and liked it. So, I begged for more. With hesitancy, the nurse came back and administered another dose. And with that, I fell peacefully to sleep...

...and then died.

It turns out that I'm deadly allergic to morphine. While I'm not excited about the situation my lifestyle had lead me into, it was in that moment of breathlessness that I experienced the realness of God--his love and his joy and his Grace. He has blessed me with a new chance to live this life after a rare opportunity to experience a glimpse of eternal life. It hasn't been easy to recover from where I was going. However, now that I'm back in-step with God, I see the amazing journey I have made. With this second chance, I allow God to use me as His vessel to help free people. We don't always get second chances to live our God-destined life.

Don't wait; live in freedom now.