Binary Drift

For fans of:Beatles, the Verve, Smashing Pumpkins

Singer/songwriter Mauricio Yrivarren first picked up a guitar in his teens and felt an immediate connection to the instrument, where he played in number of bands in his native Peru and the US where he lived for many years. A decade ago, his life journey brought him to Madrid. A magical city indeed and birthplace of Binary Drift, Mauricio’s latest musical project. Teaming up with Spanish producer Josemi Sánchez (Alejandro Sanz, Raphael and Miguel Rios) in 2017, their work became the album Pocket Tunes (2019), which explored different genres such bossa nova, disco, and rock.

Much like at the onset of his journey, Mauricio has once again relied on his guitar to ´allow´ songs to materialize and to become part of the upcoming Binary Drift releases. Whilst “Pocket Tunes” had an acoustic dimension, the new wave of songs will showcase Mauricio’s newly acquired taste for synths and drum machines, yet ´classic feel´ numbers have also made their way into the studio. Working again with producer Josemi Sánchez, he and Mauricio have pushed the envelope with new production techniques, while also remaining loyal to the mighty 6 strings and the all-conquering piano.

Stay tuned for the set of Binary Drift singles to be released through the second half of 2021 and 2022!

Summer Breeze - Released on Sept 24th, is the perfect song for after the summer.
Jazzy trumpet + flute hook and Spanish guitar, mixed with textures and synths.