Bishop Nehru

Daytrotter Session - Jun 4, 2013

Jun 4, 2013 Magic Shop New York, NY by Bishop Nehru
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Misruled Order
  3. Fickle Minds
  4. Lemon Grass
  5. Welcome
The life that Bishop Nehru takes us into is one of powerful confidence and just as powerful disillusionment. It's one where you're hit with so many conflicting messages that it's no wonder that the path out of the depths is tricky to navigate. It's one of those stories that's peppered with all kinds of options and yet so few of them are reachable. All of them look as if they might be passable, but halfway down them you recognize that there's no through street and you're just running right into a dead end - one that becomes confusing, convoluted and hard to get away from. The steps won't be easily traced back to a safer area because the temptations that led that way sure are tempting. They are the temptations that sink men much older and more experienced than Nehru, who is still a teenager but sounds nothing like it here.

He uses a clip as a prelude to the song "Fickle Minds," where it's stated that fear is stronger than love and despite all the love that someone's had or given, fear will conquer it. It's an interesting jumping off point for a general theme in his verses. Fear and skepticism run wild for these people, who are just trying to stay alive and get to some resemblance of the dreams that they might have set for themselves along the way. If they're attained, they often look quite a bit different than the ones they formed way back when, back when everything felt like it should be easier, back when everyone seemed like they could be trusted.

These are anthems that remind you to trust no one after dark, that the people you let closest to you are going to be the ones who have the greatest opportunities to take you down, to do you in. He raps, "I load up on my cash and my cream," suggesting that he's going to take what's his and anything that falls outside of that purview doesn't matter much. It's all he knows he's owed and it's the only thing that can be counted on - the cold, hard numbers and his own truth.