Android Q

For fans of:Lecrae, Flame, V.rose, Bizzle (God over money), Cross Movement

Broken Silence is A Young Married Couple who loves Jesus & love telling people about him! Jesus is the way the truth & the life so they (Broken silence) feel the urgency to tell the world his message through a unique style of music. Christian rap with a smooth melody sound. Android Q raps & his wife Ebony T sings! stories, testimonies & poetic lyrics inspired by practical biblical teaching! Together Android Q & Ebony T are known as Broken Silence with a sound often labeled as R&G (rhythm & Gospel) the Christian version of R&B. As a solo artist Android Q delivers a raw uncut punchline rap to convey the Gospel on some of the hottest beats! Android Q aims to please God by sticking to biblical teachings while rapping truth, past pains, emotions & honesty to create dope bars!