Cabin of Love

Thirty Nine

Thirty Nine by Cabin of Love
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For fans of:Pomplamoose, The Civil Wars, Hem
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  1. Bridges for Burning
  2. From Your Love
  3. So Good
  4. So Easy
  5. Ask
  6. Epiphany
  7. Come Out and Play
  8. Come Unto Me
  9. Demystification
  10. Eighty Nine Degrees
  11. Dreaming for You
  12. Farewell Fairytale
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A faith and doubt memoir by Julia Bloom, released on her 39th birthday.

From Julia's blog:

Thirty-nine is an unholy number. Noah waited forty days and forty nights in the ark while it rained and everything outside drowned. Moses spent forty years in the desert, and only then began his long journey leading Israel to the promised land. Jesus fasted forty days in the wilderness before he started his three years of work that changed the world.

On the thirty-ninth day, in the thirty-ninth year, nothing happened. In the wilderness, in the womb-like tomb-like ark, it was only one more of a long string of the same – wandering, hungry, lonely, in the land of unknowing, a heart forsaking and forsaken.

It’s the second-to-last year, or day, of the long dark nothing. I’ve been keeping count, and I know it, but another year, another wasteland of a day, awaits me after this one. Even as hope begins to germinate. Forty is the pattern I know from my thirty-nine-year history reading Bible stories. I know that after forty has passed, something new begins.

So in the dark, on yet another impenetrable night in year thirty-nine, I feel tiny cracks in my heart. Something new pushing inside. An olive branch and a rainbow, a burning bush, food, water and comforting angels might be in store, on the path up ahead.

The dark still whispers fears in my ears, still tries to dress me down, show me wrinkles and withering and death to all things. But I’m nearly thirty-nine now. I’ve nearly made my peace with the dark, count her among my acquaintances now, need not run.

This next year will be bittersweet. And then, who knows? Who knows?


Vocals, acoustic guitars, acoustic piano, and keyboards by Julia Bloom

Backing vocals, electric guitars, fretless bass, slide guitar, banjo, harmonica, djembe, and drums by Nathan Bloom

Violin, viola, and cello by Frances Linton

Electric guitar by Gabriel Eckers (Ask)

Engineering and drum programming by Nathan Bloom

Recorded at 421 E. Vine St. Owatonna, MN

Mastered by Aaron Youngberg at Swingfingers Recording Studio

album cover photograph by Chris Spellmeyer

Thanks to Micah Bloom, Michael Bissonette, and Randy Levine for critical ears.

For fans of:Pomplamoose, The Civil Wars, Hem
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