For fans of:Beautiful Eulogy, Hans Zimmer, Lecrae, (Weird film and TV music in general)

About two years ago, I began to compose my own weird and experimental cinematic music/hip hop beats as a kind of therapy while working through a lot of personal health issues. Over the months as I began to get the hang of it, it became a huge passion and obsession. Expressing my love for film scores and Christian hip hop, I blended weird and interesting sounds together, wherever I found inspiration, and the result was my first EP, Out of Nothing. It was the result of blood, sweat and tears throughout 2016, which I released 09 January 2017.

After a year of significant growth and personal change in 2017, as well as a lot of musical experimentation, I have finished another EP of weird hip hop/electronic/cinematic music, called Always Forward, releasing on 01 December 2017. It has been a very enjoyable process to create it and finally finish it.

This won't be the only kind of music I make. Wherever I find inspiration, I'll continue to learn and blend sounds together, creating weird and interesting stuff. Enjoy.